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XR Lab

Establishing a working R&D environment requires a physical equipped space and a sufficient research methodology supported by data. Working with a small core team, it is required to be hand on, also, ready to partner and outsource parts of the

process. On the other hand, it is essential to be able to finalize, retouch, and further develop those projects.

From desktop to portable- building a powerful PC would be a great advantage to explore all the potentials of  VR and AR and eventually turning any type of design into a portable experience that is accessible all over the globe.


Adopting creative/fun solutions for enterprise work


Supervising partners' project


Assembling XR ready PCs, various specifications based on the needs of each team


Promoting XR work across business units


AR solution design to manage train network system  


VR solution design to manage train maintenance and yard management 


VR solution design to manage train maintenance and yard management 

Research the potentials- Every time that we go to the internal/external workshops or conferences, we bring our prediction cards or the simplified version of that which is a single question card to be filled out. I co-designed these cards to create conversations and collect ideas. This will feed our Future of Freight timeline. 

01Check me First.JPG

Track the trends and potentials- We bring back all the cards we gathered to our office, this wall will help to uncover new insights and opportunities and the next potential steps.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 1.22.48 PM.png

Innovation Lab at GE Transportation: Future tracking wall


Wabtec Digital Solutions Summit 2019


Wabtec Digital Solutions Summit 2019 - conversational prediction cards


Wabtec Digital Solutions Summit 2019 - XR Demonstration


Wabtec Digital Solutions Summit 2019 - Innovation Lab booth

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