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Blue Bird

  • Cinequest Festival Best Student VR Award I Mar 2019

  • Geneva International Film Festival I Nov 2019

  • NewMedia Film Festival I Jun 2019

  • Virginia Film Festival I Nov 2018

  • New York Film Festival - Convergence I Oct 2018

  • LINOLEUM Animation Festival I Sep 2018

  • SIGGRAPH - VR Theater I Aug 2018

  • SCAD's Forward Festival I Apr 2018


  • VR Lead

  • 3D | 2D Animation

  • Compositing

  • Rendering


  • Maya / Arnold

  • Toon Boom Harmony

  • Houdini 

  • After Effects / Skybox

Style Frame - Turn on 4K view and feel free to navigate around OR watch it with your VR goggles.

The scars of an injured heart tell a lifetime of stories.

This project is a Narrative Stereo VR Experience based on Charles Bukowski's Poem Blue Bird . 

This Project focuses on storytelling within VR and uses a combination of hybrid 2D/3D animation, Light, and effects to direct the user's attention in a 360 environment to follow the story. 

Under supervision of VR experts form Trick 3D, and Magic Lantern, many techniques of look dev and storytelling had been explored.


I designed an efficient method for the VR hybrid 2D/3D animations to have a stereo video. Considering the fact that Maya( basically most of the 3D programs) units and scales are not compatible with compositing programs.

In this method it's possible to render objects on the same parallax plane as a pass, once, out of the 3D software, then composite all the passes together. I used skybox plugin|after effects. Simply putting the distance of each object/path as the Radius in the formula and apply x° as Pan to rotate the image sphere. 

Mono and Stereo comparison 

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